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Home decoration is surely important for creating a space which can be comfortable for the homeowner. Nevertheless, decorating a small house must be a huge challenge. It seems impossible to have the house which can really be suitable to their personality without looking cluttered. In fact, it is possible to have a stylish small home by using the tips below.

1. Clear the Floor Space

There is no doubt that people just want to make sure that they use the available space in the small house as much as possible. However, they have to be very careful because they do not want to find difficult to walk in the small space just because of the decoration. It is better to clear the floor space by using the floating pieces for nightstands and shelves for example. This way, the floor space will be clear from the obstacles. The space beneath the pieces can be used for extra storage space if necessary. For lighting, it is better to choose the wall light and sconce instead of the floor lamps.

2. Foldable Pieces

It is true that there are some furniture pieces which are familiar for home use such as the desk and the dining table. But, people should think twice about placing those items in the small house. They must realize that they will not use it all the time. That is why it is better for them to install the foldable furnishing so it can be folded up when it is not used. This idea will help them free the floor space up. The folding doors can also be considered when people have the kitchen with one wall.

3. Lighting

When people want to work with the home decoration for a small space, they have to deal with the feeling that the room can look dark especially when there is no window available. If they cannot get the natural light access in the small space, they should replace it by using a lot of light source in every room in the house. They can use the ceiling fixtures with a striking appearance like flush mount or pendant according to the height of the ceiling. It should be combined with the table lamps or sconces for getting the bright and cozy atmosphere in the house.

4. Mirrors

There is no need to worry if they cannot get enough natural light access because they can use the magic of the mirror in their small home design. It will help a lot because it will reflect the available light around the rooms. At the same time, space will look bigger with the mirror. It is really like a magician that can give the illusion of space. They can try to install a large mirror for lining the wall. They can also make a gallery wall using mirrors with different shapes and sizes.

5. Rug

The rug is necessary but choosing the wrong rug will not be needed for a small home decoration. People should be wise about the size. Instead of choosing a small one, it is better to use the rug which can cover large enough floor space where the furniture can sit on.

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