Simple Home Decorations You Must Have

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Home decoration does not always have to be expensive. A comfortable house is not created by expensive decorations and furniture. Instead, a cozy home is created by simple and proper decorations. Are you confused about choosing simple decorations that can make your house feel cozy? Here are some recommendations for you.

See Through Chairs and Table

When choosing chairs and table to make them as simple decorations, choose the ones which are made from a high-quality see-through material such as acrylic. Even though it looks fragile, an acrylic material is strong enough to hold loads above it. The see-through chairs and table are suitable to be placed in a small house. Because they will make the house looks more spacious.


When we talk about a home decoration, the simplest and easiest one to use is mirrors. Mirrors in any shapes and sizes will make a small room looks 2 times more spacious. The way to put it in a small room is also very easy. You can hang the mirror on the wall or put it on the table. With a note, the location cannot be reached by the children if you have kids at your house. In order to match the mirror with your interior design, choose the one with matched color frames. And choose its shape should also be matched with the style.

Horizontal Stripes

Vertical stripes are able to create a higher room impression, while horizontal stripes are able to create a bigger room impression. If you have a small house, applying horizontal stripes as a home decoration can be a solution to make it looks bigger. You can apply the horizontal stripes patterns on the walls at your house. For the colors, monochrome colors such as black and white will be perfect. But if you want to brave yourself by using other colors, do not hold it.

Tall Opened Bookshelf

For you who are a books lover, having a bookshelf in your house seems to be a must. When it comes to a bookshelf, choose the tall and open one. A tall opened bookshelf will create a spacious impression in your house. Its tall size will be more place efficient than the wide bookshelf to the side. Moreover, with this kind of bookshelf, it will be easier for you to find a book you want to read. Make sure the ceiling is high enough to have this bookshelf.

Decorative Lamps

Lamps are an artificial light source which is used to light up a room. So that the householders can comfortably do their activities. Moreover, lamps are also able to be used as a decoration. Place a lamp in a proper and right position so that it can light up all corners in a room at your house. A bright house will look more spacious and cleaner.

Those are the recommendations of simple decorations that can be your inspirations to be placed at your house. So that your house will look more decorative. So, what kind of a home decoration that is already at your house?

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