Tips to Have Scandinavian Home Design

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Home design should be matched with the personality of the householders. If you love a natural and calm nuance, a Scandinavian design might be suitable for you. Scandinavian design is identical with soft pastel colors, light brown, white walls, neutral color palette, and brave color accents in every side. Scandinavian design is admired by those who love an aesthetic impression without too many details and decorations at their houses. For you who want to apply this home design, follow the tips below.

The Main Interior Color

Scandinavian design has main colors which are applied to dominate an entire room. The main colors are white and light grey, or white and light brown. These colors are applied to the walls or floors so that the whole room looks brighter and cleaner. When choosing furniture, choose the ones with soft color palette so that the Scandinavian design looks even stronger.

Other Colors as Accents

As it is said before, the main colors used for Scandinavian design are white, light grey, and light brown. But it does not mean you cannot use other colors. For example, you can use soft pink for pillowcases, white carpet with light blue stripes, light purple for a throw blanket, colorful geometric patterned tablecloth. Avoid using neon colors because it will ruin the Scandinavian style.

Essential Furniture

Prioritizing functions of furniture is not the same as using a lot of furniture. Scandinavian design is identical with essential furniture. In a family room, there are only a coffee table, sofa, and rack. In a bedroom, there are only a bed, wardrobe, and dresser. The furniture themselves do not have any complicated carvings or shapes. A Scandinavian house looks spacious because there are only some essential furniture used. It will be better if you use multifunction furniture.

This is why Scandinavian style is very suitable for a small minimalist house. Moreover, the use of minimalist furniture will make it easy for you to clean the room at your house.

Adding Textures

A Scandinavian style uses non-slippery surface textures. The messy texture can be gotten from the use of a bedding set made from linen materials. You do not have to iron it. Leave it messy for a more natural look. You also do not have to coat the wooden furniture if you have one in your house. Leave them as they are. This messy texture will make your house looks more flexible, natural, and comfortable.

Green Plants

The main decoration of a house with Scandinavian style is green plants. Why green plants? It is because the concept of Scandinavian style is natural, back to nature. You do not have to use big green plants, small green plants are enough. Place the green plants on the table or in the corner of a room at your house. The kinds of green plants you can choose are cactus, bonsai, and many more. If you already chose your favorite green plants, you do not need any decorations. You need to remember to avoid placing too many green plants in your Scandinavian home design.

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