Tricks to Design Home with Vintage Style

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Home design is various. There are a lot of home designs such as a minimalist design, Scandinavian design, modern design, traditional design, and many more. One design which is getting popular nowadays is a vintage design. A vintage design is identical with anything old, ancient, faded, and floral. Are you interested to design your home with a vintage look? Here are several tricks you can follow to do so.

Green, Pink, White, and Orange

A vintage house is usually dominated by green, pink, white, and orange. But it does not mean you must use all those 4 colors in one room at your house. You can choose only one dominated color. If you want to combine a vintage look with a modern look, choose white as the dominant color. If you want it to be more feminine, choose pink. If you want a calmer and more natural nuance in your house, green or orange can be a perfect choice.

Shabby Coffee Table

In order to bring a vintage look in your family room or living room, place a shabby coffee table. To have a shabby coffee table, you can choose a wooden coffee table with faded color paints. This vintage coffee table can be in the form of 4 legged table or a second hand wooden box just like in the picture above. Do not be afraid to use secondhand stuff to create a vintage home design.

Floral Patterned Sofa

Choose a floral-patterned sofa as a seat. For the floral pattern, you can pick small floral patterns to medium floral patterns. Choose the floral patterns carefully, because this floral patterned sofa will be the center of attention in the room at your house. Do not forget about the colors of the floral patterned sofa. Make sure the colors match with the floral patterns so that the sofa will not look too crowded and tacky.

Vintage Hanging Lamp

A vintage home is also identical with vintage hanging lamps as a decoration. This vintage hanging lamp is usually a yellow bulb inside a glass. Hang several decorative vintage hanging lamps in your living room in order to add an old atmosphere. The dim lights from the hanging lamps will also create a warm atmosphere in the room at your house.

Photo Frames

If you want to decorate the walls or table in your house, use photo frames that have carvings around the edges. Or you are also able to use plain photo frames that its color paints are already faded. Moreover, you can also be creative by arranging the photo frames with a collage photo frame model in order to bring a unique touch in the room at your house. If you want other vintage decorations to be placed on the table, you can place small candles, tiny flower vase, or medium-sized cans to use them as a storage.

Those are the tricks to create a vintage look in your house. It is not hard to design your house with a vintage home design, isn’t it?

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