How to Apply Simple Home Decoration for a Minimalist House

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Having a small house doesn’t mean that you are unable to create a comfortable situation and even make it bigger. You have to know that this comfortable house doesn’t need to put many supporting furniture items or expensive home decoration. You should apply simple home decoration. It needs to decorate it simply that is able to create eyes illusion and place efficiency. Here are the ways to make it.

Bright Wall

A simple home decoration can be a bright wall. It is able to create a comfortable situation and make a spacious effect for a room. The right colors to decorate home wall are white, beige, or blue. If you get difficulties to change the wall color, try to hang on the wall details, accessories, or paintings on the wall. The bright wall accessories can make your house look bigger and spacious. It also becomes an easy way to make a simple home decoration.

Transparent Table and Chairs for a Simple Home Decoration

 When you select a chair and table option for a simple home decoration, choose the high-quality transparent material like acrylic. Though it looks transparent and fragile, in a reality, the acrylic material is fairly strong to hold on the load. Those tables and chairs will create a small room look bigger than its real size because you can see the existed items from those items.

Displaying A Mirror

Talking about a home decoration, the simple decoration is using a mirror. The mirror in any sizes and shapes can create a spacious look. You can put a mirror in a decorative cabinet or hang it on the wall. Make sure that the location is difficult to reach. In order to make harmonious with the room interior, choose the mirror with the same color frame and appropriate shape to the room style. The simple home decoration can be found easily in a supermarket or mall.

Use Small Furniture Items

Prevent to use big size furniture items for a simple home decoration in a house especially a small house. Though you really love it, the big size of furniture in the house surely makes your house full. It is better to use small furniture items adjusted to the room size. The main key is making sure that the sofa, chair, and coffee table put in one room. There are many left spaces in the central part of your house.

Apply Horizontal Line in a Simply Home Decoration

Do you know that the eyes illusion with the line? The vertical lines are able to create a higher room space. Meanwhile, the horizontal line is able to create a soft and gentle room impression. For a small room, apply the horizontal line motifs to be a simple home decoration. The horizontal line motif can be applied to the wall. For the line color, you should select the safe colors like black and white. But, if you are brave for experimenting with the other color, why don’t you apply it. It becomes a nice option for home decoration to a minimalist house.

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