Small Living Room Ideas to Make the Most of It

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Talking about small living room ideas cannot be separated from the fact that space is limited. But it does not mean that we cannot make it appears to be cozy and cute at the same time. Other than that, you can also create a more spacious living room by applying the tips and tricks from us. Check out our tips in this article.

Turn stools as a seat

Large furniture pieces are not a good idea when it comes to a small living room. Even if you want to put a sofa in the living room, you may need to pick the one that looks proportional. But if you still need another item for a seat then you may consider stools as the seat. Since the function is for sitting, stools are more compact and less bulky than a couch or an armchair. Other than that, a stool is easy to maneuver.

Compact and multi-functional furniture

Since you only have a limited room to décor your small living room, you need to invest in several multi-functional furniture pieces. Another idea is using a sofa that could also serve as a storage spot in it. In order to make a larger and wider impression of a room, you may consider applying a mirror as a reflective surface and maximizing the natural light inside the living room. When it comes to small living room ideas, you really need to minimize the clutter and maximize the function of the room at the same time.

Put the main area away from the entrance

Regardless of the style, it could be a bit tricky to make a relaxing spot when the entrance is located straight into the living room. This is why you may need to take the emphasis away from the door by making a focal point along with seating that has been thoughtfully arranged. Applying a neutral color palette that tends to be cool is going to make it works with most of the interior styles available nowadays. If you still want to install a blind in the living room, choose roller blinds instead so the room may appear bigger as well.

Think vertically

Wallpaper is like the safest way to decorate the wall in the living room. You do not need any extra effort since the wallpaper is available in various shapes and colors nowadays. But it is better if you work vertically. We also recommend you to use geometric patterns so it may create a neat look. Also, the presence of natural light is another plus value for the small living room.

Get together with white

White and other cool yet soft colors are great to complement your small living room. If you leave the wall blank in white, you can just hang some interesting pieces or artwork on the wall. Long story short, injecting pastel and soft shades may work really well when it comes to a small living room or other rooms with limited space. And this is the end of small living room ideas.

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