Tips to Turn a Compact Room into a Smart Space with Small Kitchen Ideas

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Small kitchen ideas from us will help you to organize your kitchen so it will be the best space where you can create the tastiest dishes in the world. Small kitchens are basically the ideal space to make meals full of love. Besides, you can reach anything easily compared to a larger kitchen. However, you need to do something in order to turn your small kitchen into a delightful place to produce delicious meals.

Expand the sink

A dishwasher machine is not a must-have thing in your kitchen. In fact, if that machine is not available in your kitchen due to space, you can just maximize the space of your sink. A double-sink could even be a good idea for this one. Besides, you can utilize one bowl for the dirty dishes and one bowl for washing. A double-sink is also useful when you need to prepare your food and wash the ingredients without having to clutter up the countertop.

Every corner is storage space

You do not have to let your corner space in the kitchen as a blank space. As long as you are able to identify the right spot to create a shelf, it will be a great opportunity to turn a small kitchen into a super-organized space. A corner shelf could also be a great place to store your breakfast cereals and bowls. You may also mount some magnetic knife board as one of the small kitchen ideas.

Storage helpers

Drawers and cupboards are the biggest resources for storage. However, some of them cannot be fully used. You may try to apply the internal storage solution after all. Wire racks could be another great idea when it comes to a small kitchen. Castors for a butcher’s block and trolley can be a great idea for a mobile solution when it comes to the storage helper. If the cupboard is too high for you, you may consider putting a stool nearby so you can use it to reach something from the highest spot.

Stay away from the clutter

As we have always mentioned before, clutter never works goodly with a small space, especially in the kitchen. Putting some accessories here and there is not a bad idea but since space is small then you need to consider putting the accessories at least twice. Utilizing the open shelving might give a huge impact in your kitchen especially when it comes to the impression of the kitchen and how you will take in and out the items of it.

Keep a simple kitchen scheme

If you want to make a room appears to be larger than the exact size, you may need to apply some tricks on optical illusion. White walls are the perfect thing to apply to make a room looks bigger and wider for real. For the detail, you may need to apply some sleek yet contemporary detail so space will look opening up. Natural light and proper lighting fixtures will also play an important role. Reflective surfaces will also help you to create a wider room according to small kitchen ideas.

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